Sunday Services

  • 8am Eucharist (Book of Common Prayer)

  • 9:30am third Sunday of the month Children's Service
    (Ideal for families with babies and young children under 7)

  • 10:30am Sung Eucharist - especially suitable for families
    All Age Eucharist (as announced)

Worship at the 1030 Eucharist seeks to engage body, mind and spirt through movement, colour, music and incense. The choir makes a key contribution to worship. Preaching is reflective and designed to stimulate.

Worship at the 8am Prayer Book Eucharist is an altogether quieter affair, with neither music nor incense

Mid Week Services

All in the lady Chapel, all using Common Worship

  • 12:30pm Eucharist Wednesday

  • Baptisms form part of the Eucharist, usually on the 2nd or 4th Sunday.

Other Services

  • baptism


    Baptism is the sacrament by which we become part of the universal church. No one is too young or too old to be baptised! In the case of a teenager or adult, baptism is normally accompanied by confirmation. Requests for baptism should be made to the Vicar

  • confirmation


    Confirmation is suitable for those of secondary school age and older who are regular worshippers and wish to publicly affirm for themselves the promises made on their behalf at their baptism.

  • Marriage


    It is possible nowadays to be married at St Barnabas Church even if you do not live in the parish. For details see;

    The Vicar strongly advises anyone wishing to be married at St Barnabas to contact him first before settling other wedding day arrangements as it may not be possible to book the church on the desired day!

  • wedding blessing

    Wedding Blessing

    The richly worded service of wedding blessing may be used after a civil service of marriage or for renewal of marriage vows at any time after the marriage.

  • funerals


    Everyone suffers the experience of loss during their life. Some of the most difficult losses to come to terms with happen when a partner or family member or close friend dies. At these times the church is ready to support in whatever way is appropriate, by visiting and prayer and by assisting with making the funeral arrangements. The Vicar is always willing to take a funeral, either in church or at the crematorium, of someone living within the parish. St Barnabas church lacks a churchyard, but an attractive and well kept area where cremated remains may be interred is available in the grounds.