St Barnabas Concert Archive

Here is a list of all our concerts since they commenced in September 2007, following the purchase of our fine Bosendorfer grand piano, and a list of the musicians who have performed in them.   The concerts comprise over 400 Friday lunchtime concerts, 13 major festivals listed below, devoted to all Beethoven piano sonatas played by 32 pianists (done three times), Haydn piano sonatas, virtually all Chopin solo piano music (done twice), Schumann piano chamber music and lieder, Liszt piano music, Schubert piano chamber music and lieder and 3 Organ Festivals, as well as 6 series of Summer Proms (with a total of 49 evening concerts). Approximately 400 musicians (including over 220 pianists) have performed in our concerts, as shown in the list of musicians below.  The concerts have raised over £205,000 for St Barnabas Church Funds. Click to see details of musicians and concerts.

Festivals :

St Barnabas Beethoven Piano Sonata Festival  (32 pianists)  February 2009
St Barnabas Haydn Piano Sonata Festival (23 pianists) May 2009
St Barnabas Chopin Piano Festival (36 pianists) February 2010
St Barnabas Schumann Festival (47 musicians) June 2010
St Barnabas Liszt Piano Festival (23 pianists) October 2011
St Barnabas Beethoven Piano Sonata Festival (32 pianists) February 2012
St Barnabas Organ Festival (9 organists) October 2012
St Barnabas Schubert Festival (55 musicians) January 2013
St Barnabas Chopin Piano Festival (21 pianists) May 2013
St Barnabas 2nd Organ Festival (9 organists) October 2013
St Barnabas Beethoven Piano Sonata Festival (32 pianists) May 2014
St Barnabas Chopin Piano Festival (5 pianists) September 2015
St Barnabas Centenary Organ Festival (9 organists) May 2016

Summer Proms :

St Barnabas Summer Proms 2008
St Barnabas Summer Proms 2009
St Barnabas Summer Proms 2010
St Barnabas Summer Proms 2013
St Barnabas Summer Proms 2014
St Barnabas Summer Proms 2015

Friday Lunchtime concerts :

September 2007 – August 2008
September 2008 – August 2009
September 2009 – August 2010
September 2010 – August 2011
September 2011 – August 2012
September 2012- August 2013
September 2013- August 2014
September 2014- August 2015
September 2015-August 2016
September 2016-August 2017
September 2017-

List of Musicians who have performed in our concerts since 2007