16 : The Lady Chapel

These photographs show the appearance of the Lady Chapel prior to 1983.


Lady Chapel pre 1983


In 1983 severe subsidence was found to be affecting the south east corner of the Lady Chapel, requiring urgent repairs with under-pinning to prevent imminent collapse of the building.   The Rose Window wall was carefully dismantled, a new foundation laid, and the wall rebuilt. The adjacent walls of the Chapel were also underpinned, and a new drainage system instituted to prevent the problem recurring again.   The work cost £130,000 and this sum was raised over the next four years, in a campaign entitled ‘Renewing the Foundations’, led by Assistant Priest Gillean Craig and the Vicar, Rev Ron Swan.


Ominous cracks in the SE corner


Ominous cracks


Damage on the inside of the chapel


Close-up of damage


Rev Ron Swan leading the ‘Renewing the Foundations’ Appeal



A triptych painted by Sister Theresa Margaret, a hermit with the Community of the Holy Name, Pwllheli, North Wales was added in June 1996, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the church. It is painted in the traditional Icon material, Tempora on Gesso, and the halos are 22 carat gold leaf.


The Lady Chapel Triptych


Lady Chapel with triptych (photos by J. Salmon)


West view of Lady Chapel

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