25: Upper Room, banners and war memorial

vicars-10The Upper Room was added in 1936 to designs by Shearman, following an anonymous donation of £400.  It had been part of the initial plan for the church in 1914, but had been omitted because of insufficient funds.   It contains a small but characteristic Shearman rose window

Shearman designed three rose windows at St Barnabas – at the west end of the church, in the Lady Chapel and in the Upper Room.  Here they are in silhouette, photographed by John Salmon


West window


Lady chapel


Upper Room

The St Barnabas Banner was embroidered in 1916, reputedly  by Mrs Betty Mitchell, wife of the first vicar, Rev Walter Mitchell.  It is currently being restored for the centenary next year.  The other banner shows the Blessed Sacrament.


St Barnabas Banner


Banner of the Blessed Sacrament


The War Memorial was constructed in June 1921 by F Pushman of Hanwell and dedicated September 1921.  It was renovated last year with support from Pitshanger Community Association.


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