04 : Shearman’s original plans in 1914, and their modification

Negotiations between the church authorities and Ealing Tenants Ltd re the purchase of the site at corner of Pitshanger Lane and Denison Road began in December 1911.   This was discussed at a meeting chaired by Henry Vivian, when ‘it was also agreed that restrictions should be imposed with respect to bell-ringing’. Eventually the purchase of the land was effected, and in March 1913, the proposed new church was announced, with Rev Walter Mitchell appointed as ‘Missioner’ (since there was no parish established in the newly built area).     Ernest Shearman (see below), assisted by Ernest Tyler, an Ealing architect who lived in Queen’s Walk, produced plans for the church, shown below, and these were accepted in 1914, and put to tender. There were 7 estimates from builders, ranging from £14430 to £16500, and the contract was awarded to the lowest one, from James Burges and Sons of Wimbledon, who had already built St Matthew’s Church, Wimbledon, also designed by Shearman, and completed in 1910. Here are the original plans and drawings, showing two West Towers, a longer nave and a chapel on the north side of the nave.


West front, showing the projected West Towers


Transverse section showing West Towers and north nave chapel


Floor plan, showing north nave chapel

Here are more views of the original 1914 design.


However, Shearman was then required by the Ecclesiastical Commission to make major modifications to the original plans to reduce the total cost by about 30% to under £10,000. He thus removed the two projected west towers, one bay of the nave and the proposed chapel on the north side of the nave, as well as several other less obvious economies, but he specifically insisted on retaining the Rose Window on the west front of the church .  The revised proposal was accepted on 25th May 1914.


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